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Year Round Training

We offer year round training at the Belmont Hill School, to ensure that our players stay in top performance and improve throughout the year. Our clinics and private lesson opportunities push our players out of their comfort zones to improve their games.


At 360 Squash Academy, clinics focus on improving all aspects of our player's game, while also building a connection and friendship between our players. Players at our clinics participate in competitive and tough drills, while also playing condition games and matches to apply the drills to their strategies. 

We believe that success can only be achieved by focusing on ALL aspects of the game, so it is a mandatory part for our players to participate in fitness training in our clinics. Our fitness training works on improving our player's mobility, speed, change of direction, and strength, all which shows in their gameplay.


Private Lessons

We also offer 1 on 1 private lessons to help our players improve on their weaknesses, and build on their strengths. We will pair you with a coach to meet you where you are at when joining 360 Squash Academy

Find out more about private lessons here!

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