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Elite Egypt Camp

Get ready to elevate your squash game to new heights with the 360 Squash Elite Egypt Camp! Taking place at the prestigious Alex West Club, Alexandria Sporting Club (ASC) and Cairo, Egypt, this program is designed for GOLD & JCT LEVEL players aged 13-18 who are looking to take their skills to the next level.

From July 17th to July 31st, 2024, you will have the opportunity to train under world class Egyptian coaches

Ahmed Shohayeb and Tameem El Welily, both coaches of BJO champions, while playing with the most skilled players in Alexandria at the Alexandria Sporting Club. Our 360 Squash crew of Karim Shohayeb, Ahmed ELMehelmi, and Aly Abou-El Einen will all be there providing you with support and guidance you need to go above and beyond.

We will also go to many famous sights like the Library of Alexandria, The Great Pyramids in Cairo. 



Alexandria, Egypt, and Cairo, Egypt


July 17 - July 31, 2024


Ahmed Shohayeb

Tameem El Welily

Karim Shohayeb

Ahmed ELMehelmi

Aly Abou-El Einen 

Squash specific movement coaches


In Alexandria, we will be training and playing at ASC (Alexandria Sporting Club). The training will focus on strategy during matches, working on specific shots, as well as fitness and endurance.

We will provide hotel accommodation for each location. Both the coaches and the players will stay at the same places. Meals for the players will be included.

Camp Itinerary

July 17 - DEPART Boston and head to Alexandria!

July 18 - Arrive in Alexandria

July 19 to 21 - Training and match play at ASC

July 22 - Training / Day trip to the North Coast!

July 23 to 24 - Training and match play at ASC

July 25 to 29 - Training and match play at ASC

July 30  - HEAD to Cairo!

July 31 - RETURN back to Boston!

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