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Karim Shohayeb

Founder and Director


Alexandria, Egypt.


Karim's Story

Karim, the Founder and Director of Squash at 360 Squash Academy, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the court. Before 360 Squash, he was the head coach and director at TOG Squash Academy. He holds a successful past as Head Coach to World Champion Nour El Sherbini and Director of Squash at The Alexandria Sporting Club in Egypt. Karim is known for being one of the world's premier squash coaches. He has helped players reach the top levels of competition and has continued that success with his students at 360 Squash Academy. These players have become some of the best in the US and have gone on to play for top colleges.


Karim holds a Bachelor in Business Administration and an MBA of Marketing. Karim lives in Waltham with his wife, Miral and their two young boys, Adam and Aly.


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